Sky Zone

Indoor trampoline park.

SERVICES: Design / Build and Construction Management

LOCATION: Boston Heights, OH


BUILDING SIZE: 26,000 Sq. Ft.


  • The building had to be constructed with flexibility in mind with precast removal panels that could later be replaced with dock doors and with increased height to allow for 28’ clear manufacturing / warehouse space if needed in the future.
  • Premier needed to bring water and sanitary to the site parcel chosen.


  • The biggest challenge was the involvement of three separate entities to design/inspect and regulate the sanitary and storm systems. This coordination could have cost months of down time if Premier did not work simultaneously on the construction and design. The remainder of the project was started while design on these systems were in flux in order to maintain the construction deadlines.
  • Initial design drawings were provided by the corporate Franchisor. Locally, Premier needed to convert engineering and many design guidelines, such as strength of railings and type of lighting, to meet local code guidelines. Communicating with the Franchisor and working in conjunction with their vendors across the country was challenging with differing codes and time zones.


  • Premier has developed a strong working relationship with the City of Hudson over the past decade. The relationship and mutual respect formulated the groundwork to bring all government parties together. to complete a safe, aesthetically pleasing, interesting, flexible, and fun new indoor fitness facility.