This LEED certified project was completed in 2012 and consists of 93,000 Sq. Ft. of office and warehouse. Located in Garfield Heights, it was the site of a brownfield that was converted to an award winning project.

SERVICES: Design/Build and Construction Management

LOCATION: Garfield Heights, OH


BUILDING SIZE: 93,000 Sq. Ft.

AWARDS: NAIOP Construction Project of the Year


  • OverDrive Inc. wanted to sync with a partner with the same forward thinking and cost conscious aptitude from which they grew their business.
  • OverDrive required either a complete renovation of the existing facility that dated back to the early 1950’s or a completely new facility; while both required the same state of the art designs and technology.


  • To assist the client with the best direction for the future, Premier was strategizing, designing, and preparing budgets for two different options at the same time. The time and research that Premier invested into doing this task helped OverDrive to make their final decision; to remove the existing structure.


  • Once it was determined to remove the building, full environmentals were conducted and in order to fulfill the desire of open views with expansive green space, six homes to the West of the property were purchased, evaluated, and were removed.
  • The entire building footprint, parking lots, and entry drives were constructed upon a recycled concrete stone base that was provided by the recycling of the original 1950’s building that once stood where OverDrive’s new state of the art facility is today.
  • Together with Premier Development, a LEED certified building with a 10-year growth plan, walking path, basketball court, and a par 3 golf hole were created in approximately one year.