Developers Diversified Realty

Four story corporate world headquarters with full kitchen, amphitheater, fitness center and underground parking garage. Bridge connecting to DDR’s existing facilities.

SERVICES: Design/Build and Construction Management

LOCATION: Beachwood OH


BUILDING SIZE: 175,000 Sq. Ft.

AWARDS: AIA Development of the Year


  • Developers Diversified (DDR) needed an expansion to their current headquarters in Beachwood.
  • Premier Development was brought in by DDR as their developer of choice to aid in this process.


  • DDR had discussed their needs previously with The City of Beachwood on a 10-acre site adjacent to DDR’s headquarters and the city agreed to only a three-story building of 105,000 square feet.
  • Premier then met with the city officials to aid DDR in accomplishing their corporate vision. After five meetings, the building site was successfully rezoned to accommodate a four-story 175,000 square foot building.


  • From the increased building size to the privacy concerns of the local neighborhood, stringent city ordinances, to the need for expanded every issue into consideration and developed DDR’s expanded headquarters that would serve as both the cornerstone of their existing campus in Beachwood and the site of extensive company growth in the years to come.
  • Through innovative approaches to constantly evolving challenges, our team was able to address the important issues in an outside-of-the-box manner in conjunction with the client that defines the Premier experience. Premier can happily say we delivered on their vision and are proud to attach our name to the award winning corporate headquarters of Developers Diversified Realty.