HC 21

Premier Development Partners has built a 21,000 square foot modern mixed-use speculative facility known as HC 21, joining the larger also recently completed 125,000 square foot warehouse/distribution industrial speculative building within the Hudson Crossing Business Park. Hudson Crossing Business Park’s location is this site’s strongest asset along Route 303 near State Route 8, Interstate 271 and the Ohio Turnpike (Interstate 80). Premier has always felt that the Route 8 corridor long-term would be extremely prosperous and be a great location for corporate entities that wanted to expand, as well as for some industrial, retail and office users. HC 21 can accommodate multiple tenant occupancy with 3 entrances, a 16’-6” clear height, expandable parking up to 133 cars, and 7,500 square feet was pre-leased to one tenant prior to the commencement of construction.

SERVICES: Design/Build and Construction Management


BUILDING SIZE: 21,000 Sq. Ft.


  • Building sustainability, accessibility to major highways and preservation to nature are many of Premier Development Partners’ focuses when it comes to building site selection and land development.  A professional workforce, convenient central location and attractive incentives also made Hudson an excellent and attractive place to base your business and invest in an area of land.


  • Within the business park property are numerous nature preserves and wetland areas whose preservation were taken into consideration throughout construction. Portions of natural vegetation were maintained as much as possible in keeping the number of trees eliminated very limited as well in the initial stages of the park’s development nearly a decade ago. There was minimal disturbance to the green space in the park during this development project.
  • The economic complexities as with all construction in the initial stages of a multi-tenant speculative facility, was the need to secure the financing that is required and necessary. The negotiations and partnership that Premier has formed with The City of Hudson was critical and helpful in overcoming some of the complexities that naturally arise.


  • The building is made of split face block with two entrances, a 16’-6” clear height and expandable parking up to 133 cars. It is a prime location for community amenities such as Goldfish Swim School, where 8,100 SF was pre-leased prior to the completion of construction, where 8,100 SF was pre-leased prior to the completion of construction. We foresee services that contribute to the well-being and strength of successful growing communities as optimal fits for the remaining 3,375 SF available.